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With extensive experience in growing, managing, and monetizing digital platforms, I can help maximize content strategy and distribution to activate and engage with online communities, bridging the gap between content and messaging.

Photography | Content Creation


Driven by an inherent desire to explore and inspired by the ever-changing natural world, these are the memorializations of how I see this shared playground we inhabit. Armed with a camera and endless curiosity, I am on a continuous mission to connect, learn, grow, and adapt to humans' struggles with each other, and the preservation of the very life source that sustains us all. Ultimately, I hope my artwork will inspire others to get out, explore the world, and minimize their impact on the ecosystem we are intertwined with. 

Brown & Murch Electronics


Brown & Murch Electronics is dedicated to providing the latest electronics at discount prices! We sell manufacturer refurbished and lightly used computers, phones, and other electronics at a fraction of competitive prices. Every unit we sell has been inspected and tested to make sure you are incredibly happy with it, and our reviews show! If you have any questions about us, our products, or our policies please don't hesitate to ask.

RV Rental Service


Connect with the open road! If you're looking for a fun and affordable way to road trip, consider this RV rental option. I offer a 2002 Thor Chateau Sport, a 24ft Recreational Vehicle with everything you'll need to stay comfortable in the great outdoors. Enjoy the indoor and outdoor showers, full bathroom, refrigerator and freezer, gas stove and oven, and sleeping space for 5. 


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